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5 Tips to Make Your Roll off Container Safer

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If you are renting your roll off container for a long project, you may want to take extra measures to make sure that the container is safe for those around it and that the container itself is not damaged. Below are five safety tips you should consider following. 

Keep the Container Locked When Possible 

Many containers have either roll down or folding tops that can be locked using a simple padlock when they are closed. For larger containers without a top, the walk-in doors can usually be locked. It is important to lock the container whenever it is not in use to prevent people from accessing the contents without your permission. Regularly locking your container can prevent accidents and can also prevent damage to the container. 

Place a Tarp Over the Open Container When You Are Not Actively using It

For containers without tops, you should place a tarp over the container when you are not using it. This will keep debris out of your container and will also prevent the contents of your container from getting wet during an unexpected rainstorm, which will keep the container light. A lighter container is easier and safer to load and transport. 

Load the Container Evenly 

While loading your container, you should try to do so evenly. If you are accessing your container from the top, make sure you distribute weight equally along the bottom of the container. If you are loading the container using walk-in access, you may have to plan out how you intend to load the container in order to create similar layers through the entire container. 

Do Not Overload the Container 

Your container will come with specific weight limits. It is important to not go over these limits as they can make the container more dangerous to remove. For heavy materials such as concrete, ask your provider how full you should fill your container to achieve the recommended weight. 

Make Sure the Container Is Set Up In a Secure Place 

If possible, you should try to set your container up in a secure place. Ideally, this will be in a fenced in area. However, even if you do not have an adequate fenced in area, you can make sure the container is set up on a solid surface that is able to handle the full loaded weight, such as concrete or asphalt. Additionally, make sure the container is not set up directly under power lines. 

For more tips on keeping your container and the employees working around it safe, talk to a company like Chitty Garbage Service Inc.